Where have I been

I can’t believe its getting on for 10 months since I was last here. That’s very poor I know. I can’t even use the excuse that I have been updating my photography blog, as you will soon see if you check that out, that’s not true.
I think the world of Facebook has taken over, and I have found myself posting little and more often in Facebook and forgetting about my blogs. In 2012, pretty much my whole focus, other than starting my new job, was photography.
I did a mammoth 4 photography trips with Ocean Capture, Solent, France, Iceland (the most amazing one yet) and Dungeness in December. Needless to say I have hit a bit of a financial wall now and other than my big one to Africa at the end of the year, this year is looking a lot less international and a lot more local exploration. I have just posted about this on my Photo Web Connect blog.

I have been trying to decide if and when to go back to Oz for some time now. As time goes on, I feel more and more ready to spend some time in Australia again. I am keen to take all my new-found skills and ideas and apply them in my home country. Its been a slow and probably natural progression, but I am currently in the process of formulating the idea to bring back and I have loosely got the timing planned, (as best you can plan something like that). Things may change, but got to start somewhere.

The journey has been an amazing one so far, nearly 5 years now. There is a bit more to cover off here and to prepare for the next big phase.
I have a feeling that the cold and flu drugs that I have been ingesting for the last week may be having an impact on my dreaming at the moment, so it may be the time to kick that element in, and dream for the future.

For now, its attention to detail and the small things that need to keep the focus and keep improving. Stay tuned for the rest of the journey peeps…



It’s easter, 4 days off and do you think I can find any motivation at the moment. Zilch! Quite annoying, but then I figure I have been moving forward quite a bit for the last few months, maybe its time to take a bit of a break and re-charge. I have managed to eat almost a whole packet of gluten free hot cross buns by myself if that counts as an achievement…. I don’t really have any plans for the easter break, and that’s always a bit of a danger with me. No planning often results in doing nothing. Then if the weather is bad or I feel a bit ill, the excuses are enough to keep me wrapped up at home. I figure it doesn’t really mater – there is plenty of opportunity, but any opportunity missed is annoying.

So, what has been happening – well lots of photography, some work and some planning for upcoming trips. Last few months have gone in a flash and I can’t believe its Easter really. Have a couple of weekends planned to visit family and have booked a stay in Selsey next weekend, to explore the area for a few days. Other than that, counting down till my France visit in May – 5 days in Languedoc region, black and white long exposure work again (its the year for it).

Work wise things are going along slowly – not made any major break-throughs but doing a solid job at the moment I hope…My team is great, so really enjoying the company and comradarie of a small team, after 6 months of me and a hamster at home and on location (well the hamster didn’t go on location – you know what I mean)!

Trying to save some money at the moment, although not going very well with it at the moment. There are about 4 trips I want to try and do next year, so I need some savings. Anyway, I think that is about enough of my rambling – nothing too exciting I’m afraid – but I’ll let you know if there is 🙂 HAPPY EASTER EVEYONE!


I am still on a bit of a motivation high, exacerbated today by excess caffeine me thinks, but a motivation high all the same. Lets just hope I can keep the momentum going for a bit longer. Maybe it is the return to a more balanced life. I was contemplating last night, that 2011 was very balanced if you took it as a whole, but each individual 6 months was terribly not..something to aspire to for 2012. Just finished Wk3 at work, and so far am loving it. Great group, good commute and some interesting projects to work on and challenges to meet. Taking the pressure off financially (well when I get my first pay check it will), has given me a bit of room to think about what I want to do this year. I am working towards my goal of releasing my first portfolio of photos, and have a few upcoming photo workshops to look forward to. Generally, life is good!

I am keen for winter to end though, its too unpredicatable. This weekend for example it was supposed to start raining around 3pm today, then that changed to earlier, then later and in the end it started about lunchtime while I was out and about exploring. Now its dark and dreary, but yet the forecast tomorrow is for sun all day…how do I work with that! :0)

We were supposed to have a visitor up this weekend, and unfortunately they are sick, so I have a bit of a spare weekend to play with – so trying to be balanced and do some shooting, some editing, some walking and relaxing (otherwise I will burn out).

Been working on ideas for my Facebook page as well. Feel free to click the LIKE if you would like to follow me if you are a facebook user. I will be closing down the photo web connect Facebook page in a few weeks time as well. If you are not a facebook follower, stay tuned for further blog updates!


Back to f/t work again

I can always tell when I have been remiss in updating Travel, work and blogging, as the spam count is starting to mount. Such strange messages make it in to the spam queue I have to say!  The main news of this week is that I have started a new full-time job!  After having the amazing opportunity to spend 7 months working on my photography, travel and relocating just a few times, the time had come financially to hit the streets and job hunt. I spent most of December, between bouts of illness, travel and trying to get out and shoot, job hunting. It really was a difficult process, with no internet connection for most of that time and lack of motivation, but I came across a fabulous agent at a local agency who found me a job on my second interview!  The job is f/t and permanent, a bit of a compromise, but comes with a good salary and a company car!  The car is a great bonus, not only does it take the grief out of trying to find and afford one myself, insure it etc etc, it gives me now some great flexibility for planning my shooting around the local area. I am looking forward to exploring. I will have to do some work travel in it as well, so there could be some challenges ahead, heading north for some site visits at some stage.

The job is back in IT, managing the corporate intranet, so a nice mix of my experience and skills which I am very pleased about – i think it will keep me busy and the team all seem really nice and welcoming.

Been lots happening on the photography front as well, with photo web connect blog keeping you up-to-date on that front.

Last weekend, we had a housewarming for the Burtley Road property. I am not really big on housewarmings actually, and I don’t really know enough people to warrant it, but it was a suggestion I made to get me out of my depressing outlook in December, and I got to plan and prepare a lot of the food, so of course i am always happy when I am organising it. We had a small gathering, lots of left over food and a good feeling that the place has now been christened and is worthy of a 12 months stay (at least). Anyway, that’s the main stuff for now. My hands are very cold, so i need to stand in front of the fire for a bit – damn it…winter has arrived.  -3 at the moment peeps!!


Its been a while between posts on travel, work and blogging. There has been quite a bit of travel, no work (lol) and most of the blogging has been happening over at photo web connect. Just a few updates for the last few months. It has been a challenging few months, filled with some real pain in the but moments and some fantastic hights (a trip to Africa being the main one). Moved house in November, which wasn’t an easy ride and included internet hassles, two actual physical moves and then little time to unpack and get sorted before heading off on trips to Africa and Scotland. They were both excellent trips, but made the last few months very stressful when I wasn’t there. The money situation is now somewhat strained after being lucky enough to take off 6 months to move, travel and focus on my photography, I am now looking once again for full-time employment!  In a way, I am dissapointed as it means I cannot continue on the journey in the way I would like to, but the reality is that I can’t continue on any journey without funds and there is still much to learn, do and try. So, fingers crossed I can find something in the next couple of months, re-establish, do a few more trips and then hopefully go back to full-time development of my photography at some future time…lets see what fate brings.

As I mentioned, Africa was awesome – I am already trying to think of a way to go back – maybe in 2014! Went to Tanzania and Zanzibar, with the main photographic focus being in the Zanzibar island. It was lovely to have some warm weather and the places we stayed were just amazing. Tanzania was the game driving, which I absolutely fell in love with on my last trip in 2004. Serengeti was just an amazing landscape, no time to stop, but plenty of time to take it in on the games drives. Went to Scotland with my friend over xmas. The weather was horrible, but we did manage a couple of days to venture out of the b&b in Fort William to do some shooting and then a couple of days in Inverness – what an amazing landscape location that is, but I think the next visit will need to be in Summer!  Since returning, have started to settle into the place in Southbourne slowly, exploring the local area, job hunting ~(as I mentioned) and trying to spend as much time down by the ocean as I can. Here’s hoping to a successful and happy and healthy 2012 for you all. Thanks for sticking with me 🙂

Zanzibar and other musings


I have just returned from a 10 day photographic trip to Zanzibar and Tanzania!!. Given my current unemployment situation, it was an extremely expensive adventure to take, but it has been on the travel plan for over 18 months now when it was first posted on the Ocean Capture list of workshops and there was no way I could miss it. We had 2 days in the Serengeti to start with, game drives daily and staying at an absolutely fabulous tented camp, run by the ever present and attentive Obi. We were wined, dined and entertained. The tents were amazing, included with their own onsuite proper toilet and bucket show.  We saw cheetah, zebra, giraffe, wilderbeast and many more amazing wildlife, unfortunatelty the lions were elusive this trip to Africa, but we had fun trying to find them, including an episode of being bogged in the mud when the drive enthusiastically attempted to cross a rather muddy patch.

From there we then chartered a private plane and flew to Zanzibar!  The land of Dhows, spices, amazing tropical fruit and sun, sun, sun. Coming back from 35 degrees to the current windy, wet and cold England yesterday has been a little difficult, but at least I had 10 days of sun. We had an amazing trip with lots of photographic opportunities to shoot the dhows, from land and water, the small fishing villages, people and rainforests. We had guided trips each day, and pool and beach time was also included along the way. We had 3 course meals for lunch and dinner, I have a new ginger beer addiction and on the last night one of the course member, a local from Kenya treated us to a traditional Swahili meal, and cocktail from a local hotel. All in all it was fabulous and I now have the fun task of working through my photos and choosing a few for my latest portolio..

On other news, prior to the Africa trip was the final move, this time for a 12 month least in Southbourne. I can’t say I havw really had the opportunity to settle in yet, but at least we have got the moving and most of the unpacking out of the way now, so will be able to explore. Had a job interview, but didn’t get the contract so the new year will need to begin with a focus on finding a bit of paid work and balancing it with trying to keep the photography going – it is getting really hard to maintain the mental push forward now, 6 months has passed already, and I still don’t really have any leverage or direction, but hey, this is what its all about, so I will keep trying, and keep pushing forward. Got a week and a bit now before a xmas trip to Scotland – the weather could be interesting – I think there is a pretty high chance of snow!!

Till next time!

Counting down

The new header image above is of my current beach in Boscombe, Bournemouth. Been here a week now and now have one more week until we move to our new place early next Monday morning!  It has been an interesting time, these is nothing like being in limbo to slowly drive you stir crazy. In addition to no job, no car and no decent weather, I have also managed to get a sore throat and am feeling a bit average at the moment, so I am extremely keen to move and be able to get sorted. Living amongst boxes and rubble does get a little testing. On the plus side, between some very average weather, I did managed 2 shoots last week and about 3 morning walks along the beach, to Bournemouth. This week, after a day off today to rest, I am going to try walking the opposite way, which is heading towards our new place. We also have the opportunity to have a bit of a look at our place tomorrow night with the agent, so we can start planning where we are going to put furniture etc – it will be great to see it again .

Over the weekend, ie yesterday, we headed for a short drive down to Hengistbury Head – its really close to where we will be and has some lovely walking, coast, rainforest and marshes, a real variety of ‘ecosystems’ as my friend described it. It will be great to have that nearby. Also found a few spots to try some evening shooting as well. Most of this week I have been spending at internet cafes or coffee shops with internet at some point in the day. I have costa susseed…gets busy around 9am, so have to get there by then to get the seat with the power and then can use the unlimited internet and people watch from the window. I am a bit sick of coffee (never thought I would say that)..so having something different this morning, a vanilla latte, just to toss things up.

So, anyway, mood is generally struggling at the moment, but managing to hang in there as I know there is exciting things on the horizon. No luck with the job hunting as yet, plenty more tries and fails to be had there I feel…but I have decided to do something exciting next year to help on that front..a self development thing if you like, so stay tuned for that one!